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    Cotton Honey

    Cotton Honey

    Waste not your money,
    On branded-dull honey,
    Being bears-we know the difference.
    Brickbear is premium quality wear-
    Designed and created by artists who care-
    And symbolic of what’s within us.
    Think for yourself as you pull from the shelf
     A jumper that’s right for you,
     Don’t be a slave in clothes all the same
     Buying two by two by two.
    This dull-unoriginal-uniformed army-
    March on the streets in a style that’s alarming,
     Break free of this flock,
     Be not just a number-
    Open your eyes, awake from the slumber.
    Scratch off the brands, be unique-like no other,
    And smother yourself in a Brickbear jumper,
    Waist to neck and arm to shoulder-
    Like thick golden honey trickling over.
    At Brickbear we hear the hype that grows-
    The buzz and excitement surrounding our clothes,
    We trust in the people, Ready to go-
    Buzzing like bees and swarming in droves,
    With welcoming paws and exchanges of gold,
    Ready to purchase and cherish our clothes.

    How to Host a Bear

    How to Host a Bear

    When you send an invitation 
    To a friend on some occasion
    And should that friend thus be a bear
    Then watch what you serve and be aware

    Bears are known to be quite picky
    So think a while and not too quickly
    Never ever give him eggs
    Or custard creams or chicken legs

    A brick a day keeps wolves at bay
    But bears? Now thats a different story.
    Bears prefer to fix their stare
    Upon a pot of honey

    Oozing dripping dropping sludge
    that coats their paws like sticky gloves

    Now, should you have a bear to tea
    you’ll see that most excitedly
    It sits and waits and grinds its teeth,
    A sign for you to serve roast beef

    But ignore the vicious vile old rumour
    that bears dont eat when in bad humour
    For once I saw one guzzle down
    my cote de boeuf despite his frown

    If you’re unsure, then play it safe
    And serve your grizzly deep fried plaice
    But never let the chair he’s in
    Be near a vegetarian.

    Veggies two, and Vegans three,
    The bear will eat them all for tea.

    An Evening of Boll N Boop

    An Evening of Boll N Boop

    Late one night or early one day 
    Whichever it was I cannot say
    I wandered home from Dublin fair
    Having wandered everywhere
    From Grafton Street to Beggars Bush
    Broke and so not caring much
    My mind thought back to a certain party
    What happened there?
    Would you believe it?

    The party itself was in the house of a Spanish speaking water mouse
    And that's not all, the suds were free and left me seeing two then three

    Whilst at the bar from near not far and talking utter nonsense
    The swallows drank as all of them had lost their pilot's license

    The retired mule sat alone handling his vice,
    like an octopus with chopsticks picking single grains of rice

    At sixty-eight and fifty-five - the oldest in the room -
    The newly wedded walruses were dancing with a broom

    Three businessmen, a royal hen and a dog sat playing cards
    The labrador made for the door when he hit the Jack of Hearts

    By the fire keeping warm and waiting on the passing storm
    A pigeon sat in a cowboy hat flirting with a worm

    And snoring on the turkish rug were two old drunken slimy slugs
    Not knowing that, from just beside them, a peacock stole their shoes to hide them

    Keeping Disco still alive was three young bees fresh from the hive
    Playing songs from years ago and spreading fever to and fro

    A basket case was full of snakes who argued economics
    To drown them out the bees played Shout, such scooby dooby antics!

    To hushed amazement from the rear came a sultry doe or dear
    wearing all her mothers rings with beauty like the wasp that stings

    But in the corner, with a knowing stare
    sat a waistcoat cladded polar bear.
    Who was this beast? My only thought
    I waved at him, he answered not.
    I thought him rude, but then I saw
    The house keys cradled in his paw.

    Such strange events seemed sober then,
    But now that I recall again,
    In what land ruled the royal hen?

    From where was this old polar bear?

    The next sunrise I journeyed there,
    To where we had this fun and laughter
    which left me puzzled one day after.

    But no house, hut or home was there
    The building vanished,
    The earth lay bare.

    Remember The Name

    Remember The Name

    O Captain! Our clobber, The time
    To know has come,
    There's bearskins hanging on the rack,
    The prize you seek is won.

    by laptop,
    or phone.

    Alas, what news is there to share?
    The tricks and treats of one wise bear.

    Us three- that's we- with cotton creations,
    For buttery blokes and funky dames,
    Declare this day as a furry occasion,
    So click on the link,
    And remember the name.